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What is a online website builder?

A online website builder allows anyone to create and maintain their own personal or business website without having to buy or download expensive software. You just log in, make and save your changes and your done!

How will a product like this benefit me?

You no longer have to depend on a designer to create your website. One of the biggest complaints customers have in web design is, someone creates their site and the designer is the ONLY one who can update it. If that person moves or is no longer in the industry, the customer is stuck finding yet another designer to take over. The customer dosent understand HTML code and has no other choice. Lets also mention cost. Everytime a customer requests a "update or edit" for their site, they are changed a rate. This can get quite pricey.

So imagine if you had one flat rate you paid (either monthly or yearly) and you had complete control of your site?

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I already own a domain from (etc) can I still use it with your builder?

Absolutely! Its very easy to do. See below

Do I have to use "" after my domain name?

You dont have to have after your domain, See below

The "" is only for Trial Accounts, so you can test your account and view it while building your website. When you are ready to go live and online, you can absolutely use your own domain name with our sitebuilder.

To add a new domain name to your site, you have to complete 2 steps.

1. Firstly ask your domain name provider to change the DNS A-record (they may refer to it as a Zone file) of your site to 'point' to our web server's IP address, which is If they ask you for 'nameserver' details, then they have misunderstood your request. A nameserver is like an address book, while the A-record is the address. You don't need to change your address book in order to change your address; you only need to update the address (A-record) that they have in their address book (nameserver). Changing nameservers will most certainly cause your domain name to fail.

2. The second step is to add your domain name to the list of addresses associated with your site. To do this you need to go to the Admin section of the Toolbar. Then click on the Site Addresses option in the Sidebar. Here you will see your current web site address and will be able to add your domain. Simply type your new domain name into the box provided and click 'Add'.

Once both steps are done people should be able to visit your site at the new address within a short period of time. These changes can often take between 24 and 72 hours to take affect, which is the time it takes for your new address to be updated in all the records on the internet. If in doubt, after this time period, check back with your domain name provider and confirm they did "point" the A record and not just "forwarded" your domain name. By pointing the A record you are ensuring your domain name while be properly indexed by the Seach Engines.

Do you offer support?

We do. We want to make sure you have the best experience with us and you feel comfortable using the website builder.

Additional in-depth FAQS located Here

And if your question is not answered there, then please email us directly at

Does your online website builder work well with the search engines?

Yes it does. There is zero point of creating your site and not have the capability to be found by the search engines. To explain further, within our editor you can add keywords, page titles, meta tags, H1 H2 & H3 tags, Alt tags, etc. You can also effortlessly moniter your site in the Admin section by including your Google analytics and webmaster tools. All of these combined, and properly used should enable anyone to be listed in Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Of course it helps to generate a inbound links from relevant directories (ie: if you are advertising locally find your local online directories and Google maps and submit your site.) As well social media marketing such as facebook, uploading youtube videos and twitter. When all of these are created and links are embedded pointing to your website, this will increase visibility and possibly help in your rankings.

Do you offer other website related services?

We do. We offer:

Logo design and custom graphics (Backgrounds, illustrations etc.) as well as standard HTML sites (E-Commerce, Wordpress Blogs etc) can be created by our design team. If you are interested in custom deign please contact us at:

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